Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I am one hopelessly curious gorilla so I just can't resist to ask you friends about somethin'!
Have you ever been at the art exhibition where all the works have been made by... APE?? 

For shure you've seen soooo many times various multimedia instalations, paintings, sculptures, performances, openings and closings... You had to go inside of the artist's head for a moment and try to discover what he or she could feel creating these works, which contained part of the author's life. Good observer could more or less aptly find out some hidden truth about the artist. It's an old game you people love to play in these magical places called art galleries, don't ya?!
Fine, but imagine now getting inside of the ape's head! What might be the thing he wants to tell you about himself? Is he gangsta' or mr. nice-man? Is he thrilling or is he chilling? Is he real or fake-appeal? Or maybe just fuckin' crazy?? 
You better check it out next sunday evening at the best gallery I know in this town: Galeria Gablotka, which is situated in Gdansk - Docklands, at the ex-administration building. Floor no.2 smooth friends!

- collection of my CDs covered with tribal collages;
- the object named "fresh import";
- short DJ-set (live remixing).

Peace. And see you there monkeys!

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