Friday, January 17, 2014


hey hey!
Sorry. I really forgot about this blog... There are many reasons for that. First of all I have that official website now. The adress is All the recent stuff I upload there. There is even a puzzle game that you need to solve to get in. Don't worry, it's easy even for me.

Next reason for neglecting this space is that a lot was happening recently in my life. I was touring  - Germany, London, South Africa... I spent  a few weeks in Cape Town, where I met Boolz, vGrrr, Slewdada, Dookoom and many many more interesting people. I finished my album there, and on 1st of february it's gonna be released under Astral Ritual - the new international label based mainly in London and Gdańsk, with connections in Cape Town and South Florida.

My album is being pressed in France on limited edition of vinyl (300 copies). The cover art will be hand crafted (the screen printing technology) by me and my friend Maciek Salamon. The cover illustration was designed by Bartosz Polak, Gdansk based graphic artist. The title of the album is Dance In Haze, and it has been mastered by Mateusz Kraszewski from Astral Ritual. It will be also possible to buy a digital copy of it on Amazon, Itunes, Bandcamp, and all the other electronic music stores.
So again, here are the links that you can follow :

Thanks for supporting me and have a good time listening to my new music!

Friday, September 27, 2013


Yeah! We're in Bratislava (with Hertzshmertz)! Tonight we play a live act at Design Factory for the A-Live Festival. We've just arrived yesterday ape laaaate and stay at that cool hotel inspired by famous painters. Outside is sunny and nice so now we gonna walk around the city. I think I already can speak slovakian... Oh, and we play at 10 PM - don't miss it cuz the live act is absoulutely fresh. Both new songs and the way I do it. A table packed with samplers and multieffects :P bang bAnG BANG!! 

That sick poster is by VJ Hertzshmertz. She's gonna mix her live visuals to my music! Sooooo sweeeet.

Friday, September 6, 2013


Hey, I DJ at the Art Loop Festival in Sopot today (it's already saturday). 
I'm gonna first play a few new songs , than will DJ some trap, dub and experimental stuff.
The place is very interesting, it's an old laundry that will be demolished shortly after the event. Joanna Zastrozna, the artist from Sopot prepared a special instalation at that place . It will change that old laundry into a wicked club space for 3 nights... 

that poster is inspired by Run Freak Run online comic book

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Both Sopot / Gdansk this weekend!

Hey, I play two shows this weekend. At Friday DJ-set @ Sfinks (Sopot) & saturday my new live act @ Bunkier in Gdansk. 
Also, just to remind you I am a happy owner of my own website made by Diffusion Studio from London city! Check it - everything is transferred there!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I feel it's comin' - back 2 Sfinks

hey y'all!
This friday I'm gonna bang back at Sfinks in Sopot. Mostly DJ - set, but will be dj-ing a few of my new tracks from upcoming album too. I'll be at the 'fountain' stage since midnight till 2am, than comes Hoax! So C U there y'all!

Saturday, July 27, 2013


hey hey!
I just came back from Bydgoszcz where I played at the legendary club called Mózg, what translates into "Brain". Cool place... I played a few new songs. The album is just a few steps from being ready! I need your support to release it on vinyl + CD. Just started a crowdfunding action under the website Polak Potrafi. It's here:

please support, would be awesome to release it together!

I did it.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Zielona Gora means Green Mountain in polish. And for real this cit is like in the midle of the forest! We're already at the club "Trzepak" and I totally love this place! It's gonna be hot tonight... My new tracks gonna be played too!


Today we play again in Poznan! Hertzshmertz will start with her DJ set, than we'll play a live set together, than Stendek will take over the stage with his live set, and late night after party - with my Tropical Gangsta' DJ set - trap, darkwave, synthgaze and remixes!
We're already on our way to Poznan! C U there!

poster by ape

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Ay my friends!!!
Tomorrow evening we play with Hertzshmertz at CSW Laznia. That's contemporary art gallery at very old district of Gdansk - Dolne Miasto (downtown). They have a small & pretty yard there with a tree and a view on a damn old houses with gun bullet holes on the walls! Girl I tell you if you wanna shoot a movie 'bout world war II or some alien shit S-F movie tellin' of nuclear war bursting at that hazy galaxy 1000000 light years from this Earth - that's a place you need to bring a freekin' camera and a filmcrew (or better guards). The actors are already there! And boy, that's a face of Poland that slowly disappears. So if you're around - come over! Also, sick visuals by Hertzshmertz and some fresh ape beats included! Should be slightly above 20^C. And it's still sunny at 8pm in Gdansk (it's sunny untill 9pm, but only during summer. Otherwise it's already dark at 4pm. Weird hah? Gonna be even weirder tomorrow. Trust or touch this.)

The Laznia gallery itself usually shows very interesting stuff by the way.

poster by ape. picture by Michal Andrysiak

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


tomorrow I play live + fire off my DJ set at Cafe Absinthe, the small club famous for falling asleep as the last one in Gdansk. It's moonfuckin' sunny when the last apes leave the dance floor!
It's named after a famous alcohol "absinthe" - very strong and quite dangerous in bigger amounts for you can get some halucinations even if you get lucky enough. Like you could see two apes instead of one! Well, that will be really possible this time, as I'm bringing to the show a special guest! I've just set free another ape from Oliwa ZOO! And this guy has a special VJ skills and gonna bang tight visuals on da wall! 
trap + absinthe = ?
Afterparty: DJ Koszlaga.

poster made ape and is sorry

Thursday, June 20, 2013


South of Poland is very hot in the summer (at the moment it's 36^C in Wrocław city)! Perfect weather for a tropical swag like me. So I just packed my sun glasses, put my laptop to the fridge for two hours, packed my samplers to a trecking bag and jumped on a train to Wrocław. Tomorrow at 9 pm I play at Nowobrzmienia Festival, sharing stage with Ikonika, Young Montana? and Kuedo. I will also loop a viusals prepared by multimedial artist from Gdańsk - Marta Grabicka. I will present a few new songs  too. Excited and happy! Sunshine glitters on the train's windows, going with my beats to the south!

that sick poster by bułka&jagód'

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Yeez! yesterday Hertzshmertz was DJ-ing for the first time and that was simply awsome! great selection & mix... another thing is that a venue known as Wydział Remontowy represents the best level of sound and stage setup (lights,fog,screen,monitors,soundcheck,acoustic) in Gdańsk right now. Hey, check that shit and take example... I'm impressed. And again: HERTZSHMERTZ - you're next level! Thanks for coming people, that was a gangsta' party! We finished around 4am, drunk & happy comin' back homes with early train...
And today I play my live set at the beach festival called Fląder (it's a polish name for a Baltic fish - predator. You can eat it, but it swims better than it tastes). I start at 7pm with a few new songs coming with my future album. 

me did it. From behind.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Crazy weekend has just started tonight! 3 parties in a row! Just came back from Sfinks club / Sopot and it was fun. Good soundsystem with a huge bass. Some cool audience bouncing around... But tomorrow it's gonna be really big all night bass heaven! f**k YEAH! Hertzshmertz VJ-ing, Stendek's live set, Hoax & me DJ-ing at Wydział Remontowy / Gdańsk once again! YAY!

poster by Agata 'Hertzshmertz' Królak

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Yo! Another live set in Gdansk!
This time I plan a very experimental setup - a few external analog effects (delays, tape space echo, and two multieffects). A lot of manipulation with the tracks will be happenin'... If it will go well, I would again change the approach to the live situations, and might need a bigger bag for a road! ;)

Also Hertzshmertz prepared a very special 'hydroactive' visuals for this show! I'm also curious!

C U there! <3

Friday, May 24, 2013

I'm in Fiction

My next live set is gonna be at a very intimate place, small but way cute Fikcja Cafe in Gdańsk - Wrzeszcz!
Barret Polak made this awsome poster!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Hey! Next wednesday me and my bro - Stendek gonna test the bass capacity of speakers at Troche Kultury - the club located in Poznan! Join the party if you're around!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

on tour with oOoOO!

Next weekend in Poland we're doing a mini tour with oOoOO (Gdansk + Warsaw)! don't miss it if you're around! Chris will play his new songs from his upcoming LP, I'm gonna play some of my new stuff too! Stendek promotes his new album, VJ Hertzshmertz will throw her magical visuals on the wall and Hoax will make you all dance till morning! YUP! A killer party in 5 days my friends!

Transvizualia Teaser with:


19.04 Gdansk // 20.04 Warsaw

Thursday, January 17, 2013


The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in, meltdown expected, the wheat is growin' thin, engines stop running, but I have no fear 'cause Gdansk might drown in snow, but me + a few friends of mine (Stendek, Hoax & Hertzshmertz) set up a party in a club called Wydzial Remontowy in Gdansk / Poland!! Prepare for clouds of smoke, real magic visuals and sick beats killing deep synths!! Yeah! This friday we've got a shelter for ya from that syberian winter outside! Seeee Yaaaaaa!!!

10pm - HOAX
11pm - ∑BOL∆ ∆P∑ + Hertzshmertz
00am - STENDEK

poster by Ebo

Monday, December 24, 2012


Big city is a conrete jungle in so many ways. Old true known even to these who have never been to jungle. I miss my home a lot, I dream of runing in the rain forest, talking to my fellows 'bout all that stuff you would never care about, and most of all - chilling in the sun! But living here, in the city is also interesting. I like that dark electronic music, heavy synths, deep drums and screwed up vocals! I've met many good people doing interesting stuff and got used to that affection of humanity to crazy rush! It's so funny to watch how you slow down after a good fat spliff ;) Yeah, people are strange but also cool, and the coolest thing that humanity has created is the Popculture. I just damn-ape love it, I wanna marry it and have sex with it! 

So yeah, we gonna play with Hertzshmertz at one day festival called "Metropolia Jest Okey" [Metropoly is OK] in Gdynia / Poland. Our live set will be just before the most famous polish punk rock band BRYGADA KRYZYS! It's a huge legend of polish underground scene... True splendor for ∑B❍L▲ ▲P∑ indeed! 

Poster by Ebo