Monday, December 24, 2012


Big city is a conrete jungle in so many ways. Old true known even to these who have never been to jungle. I miss my home a lot, I dream of runing in the rain forest, talking to my fellows 'bout all that stuff you would never care about, and most of all - chilling in the sun! But living here, in the city is also interesting. I like that dark electronic music, heavy synths, deep drums and screwed up vocals! I've met many good people doing interesting stuff and got used to that affection of humanity to crazy rush! It's so funny to watch how you slow down after a good fat spliff ;) Yeah, people are strange but also cool, and the coolest thing that humanity has created is the Popculture. I just damn-ape love it, I wanna marry it and have sex with it! 

So yeah, we gonna play with Hertzshmertz at one day festival called "Metropolia Jest Okey" [Metropoly is OK] in Gdynia / Poland. Our live set will be just before the most famous polish punk rock band BRYGADA KRYZYS! It's a huge legend of polish underground scene... True splendor for ∑B❍L▲ ▲P∑ indeed! 

Poster by Ebo

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