Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I made you wait - I know: Guilty! But mad gorilla wasn't cheating at the end. Jungle Omen came true! It happened under the magical triangles of my very own label simply named ▲∑▲.

Jungle Omen consists of 7 tracks. You can have the digital version for only $5$, or the phisical thing for $10$. The delivery shall come to you in a few days, anywhere you reside! (Except Moon and other places outa our devastated Globe). CD is hand made, self recorded, decorated with tropical collages (each different), packed in the recycled cardboard box, locked with the cardboard triangle key! Total 166% DIY!

I might also sell these CDs at my future shows.
There is limited number of copies though!


* Half of the money will go to the Gorilla Organistation

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