Friday, April 13, 2012


Hey shaved Friends!
How are you? I didn't write much lately but here I am back with a few information!
I finally got some new invitations to play live. So I prepare my live-set & DJ-set now to bring you a nice, wicked soundscapes! Here is a list of places where we can meet pretty soon:

▼Gdansk [Teatr w Oknie / with VJ Agata Hertzshmertz] ▼ 18 APRIL
▼Gdansk [Loft: WITCH HOUSE # 999 party with my witchin' DJ set] ▼ 10 MAY
▼Budapest [RoHAM: Easterndaze Compilation release party / with Hipdiebattery & Gazsi Rap Show] ▼ 11 MAY
▼Sopot [Sfinks: DJ set with some special guest from Congo diggin' visual art] ▼ 01 JUNE
▼Gdansk - Jelitkowo [Streetwaves Festival - live set on da street!] ▼ 03 JUNE
▼London [Power Lunches] ▼ Details to be announced!

Loads of crazyness comin' your way my people!!!

Also there is a nice review of Jungle Omen by Jakub Knera. It's in polish but you can use some online translator ;)

And a short conversation with Joanna "Frota" Kurkowska published by polish blog IBedeker:

Till soon!

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