Friday, August 10, 2012


It's been a while! Some things happened, mostly good. Sopot was too disturbing for me to live there and not really inspiring. So I moved to Gdansk - Stogi. There is a nice isolated area just by the sea, post industrial feel mixed with nature.
I've been meditating a little, chillin' at the empty beach, and writing new tracks. I want to issue my new EP pretty soon and it would be a bit different than the first one. Downtempo and emotional. I'm still workin' on it... 
Meanwhile this saturday I gonna play my live-set in Buffet, a club situated in Gdansk - Docklands.
Gonna play there together with STENDEK, a really cool producer from Gdansk. He also plays live on sampler. Here is his new video made by Tusto:

Later, DJ HOAX will take over the soundsystem to play a nice DJ-set on his decks! Soooo, no reason to hesitate! Let's get foken CRAZZZY together this saturday!!

It's just a pitty some stupid monkeys keep ruining Gdansk Docklands. They cut the cranes, smash down cool places and build some ugly mausoleums... 
Docklands should stay yours.
I gonna bang with that on my mind! 

sincerely yours 
ape banga'
▲ ebola ▲

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