Saturday, June 16, 2012


Wassup my homies!
Hope all is nice 'n sweet? Me, I'm fine. Kind of jolly good. Life's not that bad in the concrete jungle when you're a gorilla. Don't pay taxes, don't pay rent, have more and more friends plus a few ape-haters (criticism is swag too). Yeah, now I roll my beats on a massive 1000 megawatz stage speakers, but don't be fooled by the rocks that I got - I'm still your Ebo from the block! In my never ending free time I'm absorbing the anarchist literature, watch some shit on a tele, meditate, take care of hygiene from time to time... Here is some sneak-peak from my private life! 

This photos come from the session dat has been made by Gdansk-based photographer Michal Andrysiak.

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