Saturday, June 15, 2013


Yeez! yesterday Hertzshmertz was DJ-ing for the first time and that was simply awsome! great selection & mix... another thing is that a venue known as Wydział Remontowy represents the best level of sound and stage setup (lights,fog,screen,monitors,soundcheck,acoustic) in Gdańsk right now. Hey, check that shit and take example... I'm impressed. And again: HERTZSHMERTZ - you're next level! Thanks for coming people, that was a gangsta' party! We finished around 4am, drunk & happy comin' back homes with early train...
And today I play my live set at the beach festival called Fląder (it's a polish name for a Baltic fish - predator. You can eat it, but it swims better than it tastes). I start at 7pm with a few new songs coming with my future album. 

me did it. From behind.

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