Monday, December 17, 2012


Humanity EP is finally out today! It's ready for digital download right now, mastered by Pheek and released by lovely Slovakia based label Soun Records. It will come out on vinyl in near future. It would be a very limited release, for this moment I'm thinking of around a 100-300 copies. For sure each of your digital downloads from Soun Records would speed up the production. Pressing vinyls is ape-damn expensive these days, so I need to collect some funds for it. 

Also I plan another video, this time not a collage, but my own material. I have the pictures already in my head, just need a bit of time and a few friendly hands to help me with that task. 

So here it is, very personal and intimate 6 track album - Humanity. Enjoy your time with it, and feel free to write a review or link the music to your blog or website! That would be a privilage for me.

cover art by Ebo

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