Wednesday, May 16, 2012


OH! It's You! HI!
Nice you're at my blog again! How are the things? Me, I'm back here, in northern Poland. Budapest gig was very exceptional and I enjoyed every minute there in Hungary! I got a few new friends, lovely people from Easterndaze and guys who played with me in "Roham". The audience also welcomed me wormly. The event was organised so well, that we could feel as good as that were some major summer festival! I'm talkin' as I knew how is that at the major holiday festival, you could jump! I can only guess yet... Any way, making the long story short, nice & memorable weekend!

As I said earlier that was a release party for a second compilation issued by Easterndaze under the tittle "Judgement Day". You can find there my new track "Boonsong", but also many other tunes from Lee DVD, Hipdiebattery, Katapulto, Route 8 only mentioning a few!
You can download it for free here:

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