Thursday, July 11, 2013


Ay my friends!!!
Tomorrow evening we play with Hertzshmertz at CSW Laznia. That's contemporary art gallery at very old district of Gdansk - Dolne Miasto (downtown). They have a small & pretty yard there with a tree and a view on a damn old houses with gun bullet holes on the walls! Girl I tell you if you wanna shoot a movie 'bout world war II or some alien shit S-F movie tellin' of nuclear war bursting at that hazy galaxy 1000000 light years from this Earth - that's a place you need to bring a freekin' camera and a filmcrew (or better guards). The actors are already there! And boy, that's a face of Poland that slowly disappears. So if you're around - come over! Also, sick visuals by Hertzshmertz and some fresh ape beats included! Should be slightly above 20^C. And it's still sunny at 8pm in Gdansk (it's sunny untill 9pm, but only during summer. Otherwise it's already dark at 4pm. Weird hah? Gonna be even weirder tomorrow. Trust or touch this.)

The Laznia gallery itself usually shows very interesting stuff by the way.

poster by ape. picture by Michal Andrysiak

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