Friday, January 17, 2014


hey hey!
Sorry. I really forgot about this blog... There are many reasons for that. First of all I have that official website now. The adress is All the recent stuff I upload there. There is even a puzzle game that you need to solve to get in. Don't worry, it's easy even for me.

Next reason for neglecting this space is that a lot was happening recently in my life. I was touring  - Germany, London, South Africa... I spent  a few weeks in Cape Town, where I met Boolz, vGrrr, Slewdada, Dookoom and many many more interesting people. I finished my album there, and on 1st of february it's gonna be released under Astral Ritual - the new international label based mainly in London and Gdańsk, with connections in Cape Town and South Florida.

My album is being pressed in France on limited edition of vinyl (300 copies). The cover art will be hand crafted (the screen printing technology) by me and my friend Maciek Salamon. The cover illustration was designed by Bartosz Polak, Gdansk based graphic artist. The title of the album is Dance In Haze, and it has been mastered by Mateusz Kraszewski from Astral Ritual. It will be also possible to buy a digital copy of it on Amazon, Itunes, Bandcamp, and all the other electronic music stores.
So again, here are the links that you can follow :

Thanks for supporting me and have a good time listening to my new music!

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